Soccer & Mini Kickers

Fall & Spring Soccer

The SMAA's rec soccer program is by design a low or non competitive program for kids made up of all volunteers. We take great steps to try to even out the teams to enhance the experience for all the kids. Each player will receive a jersey, pair of game socks, and a nice trophy at the end of the season. We are ALWAYS in need of volunteer coaches and welcome new coaches as we provide a coach's clinic prior to the start of the season to help acclimate the willing parent who is full of desire but lacks the soccer or coaching knowledge or experience.

Club Goal: Provide an atmosphere that will foster and grow your child's love of playing a team sport and being part of something a little bigger than themselves, while developing a true sense of community among the family and friends that come to see them play!
If you are interested in coaching email Sal Racioppi at with your child's name/age
Recreational soccer program for the following age groups:

Coed 4 year olds
Coed 5 year olds
Boys 6-7
Girls 6-7
Boys 8-9
Girls 8-9
Boys 10-14
Girls 10-14

Open to all kids ages 4-14. NO 3 YEAR OLDS WILL BE ACCEPTED. NO HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. WE DO NOT TAKE TEAM REQUESTS. Each child will be provided with a jersey and matching socks.

Mini Kickers

Program Description:  This season SMAA would like to introduce a new supplemental/optional training program for our 4 and 5 year olds called "Mini Kickers".  This once a week clinic will be separate and in addition to the normal SMAA soccer program where your son/daughter practices once a week and plays a game every Saturday run by a parent/volunteer coach.  This supplemental/optional "Mini Kickers" program is designed to give 4 and 5 year olds the opportunity to further develop their love of playing the game of soccer with a once a week clinic run by professional youth soccer trainers.  SMAA has partnered with a youth soccer training organization named Competitive Soccer, and they have put together a program specifically designed for 4 and 5 year olds.  This program is designed in the traditional "Play-Practice-Play" model.  The concept of Play-Practice-Play is to allow young players to experience the game and game-like situations as much as possible. This approach differs from traditional practices that may have children standing in lines, running laps and participating in drills that don’t resemble the game of soccer.  The Play-Practice-Play model is widely considered the best way to really develop a young child's love for playing the game.

Program Details:
Days/Times/Location - The program will consist of 6 Friday afternoon sessions - 4/26, 5/3, 5/10, 5/17, 5/24 and 5/31 (with 6/7 and 6/14 as possible rain makeup dates)

Harmony school (100 Murphy Road in Middletown) in the same area where SMAA's 4 year olds play their Saturday morning games (near the Harmony playground)

There will be two sessions per evening - One from 5PM to 5:50PM and another from 6PM to 6:50PM. You will be allowed to pick a "preferred time" between the two mentioned above, however we cannot guarantee that we can meet everyone's preference as we will need a relatively equal number of children in each session

The cost of this program is $125 per child and includes the 6 clinic sessions and a tee shirt (Pete - we will need to ask for a tee shirt size on the registration form.....choices should be Youth Small, Youth Medium or Youth Large)

Other items:
Due to the young age of the participants we must ask that a parent or a responsible party stay at Harmony during their child's session. (ie...No "Drop-Offs"). Each player should bring their own water, cleats, shin guards and size 3 soccer ball to each session